Milwaukee Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 4 Wheel Balance, Suspension Inspection & Front Alignment Service

What is 4 Wheel Balance  Service?

Our 4 Wheel Balance, Suspension Inspection & Front Alignment Service is three essential services wrapped up in one comprehensive repair, maintenance and optimization overhaul for your vehicle. Wheel balancing is an important procedure that keeps tires and wheels from vibrating while you drive. Vibrating tires can be annoying, but it also increases the amount of wear and tear causing more service appointments like Tire Rotation Service. Proper wheel balance means better gas mileage, less wear and tear, and a longer life for your car.

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What is Suspension Inspection & Front Alignment Service?

Your suspension system helps reduce the impact of bumps and dips in the road. When in good condition, the suspension improves ride quality and reduced wear and tear on your car. Suspension inspection means checking out your vehicle's suspension system to make sure it is functioning properly at its optimal level.

Four wheel alignment service means making sure your front wheels and tires are properly aligned. Improperly aligned front wheels can cause a great deal of wear on your vehicle, reducing your gas mileage, and reducing your comfort during travel.

Why should I have it done?

This comprehensive service combines three inseparable aspects of the way your vehicle rides, responds to the road and resists preventable wear and tear. Neglecting the wheels, tires, alignment, and suspension system can result in serious damage to your vehicle. Over time, these problems can add up to major repairs if left unattended.

What happens if I don't do it now?

Suboptimal handling and uneven wear on your tires will eventually result from improper alignment. Over time this can contribute to major repairs that could have been avoided, a possible automobile accident, and maybe even a fatality. Here at John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Center in Milwaukee, WI- our goal is to save you time, money, and to make sure you get the most out of your car or truck. That's why we combine these essential services into one comprehensive checkup.

Milwaukee Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Maintenance & Repair

Why should I have it done at John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram?

Few dealerships combine these essential services into one comprehensive checkup and optimization. We provide full four wheel balance, suspension inspection & front alignment service at all of our Locations in Milwaukee, Glendale, Lincoln Park, and Thurston Woods, Wi.

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