Jeep Oil Change Service Glendale, WI

Jeep Oil Change Service Glendale, WI

Keeping your engine's oil clean is the most important maintenance task you can do.  While it lubricates, it prevents build up in the motor.  At John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Milwaukee, WI, our team is ready to help you get the right oil change for your vehicle.  We are easy to access from Glendale, Lincoln Park, and Thurston Woods, WI.

Different Oil Changes

The type of oil that is used in your oil change depends on the make and model of your vehicle.  Newer vehicles can select synthetic oil changes.  These typically last much longer than a conventional oil change. However, they are not recommended for vehicles with over 10,000 miles on them. Diesel oil is strictly for diesel engines.  Your knowledgeable technician knows the correct type of oil for your vehicle.  They will advise you on what the manufacturer recommends.

Keeping Your Engine Clean

Over time, motor oil degrades. As it loses viscosity and becomes contaminated, the vehicle won't perform as well as it should. For convention oil changes, the standard recommendation was every three months or 3,000 miles. New developments in motor oils, such as synthetics or blends, have changed many manufacturers' recommendations. The vehicle's owner's manual and your technician will advise you on the best schedule for oil changes.

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Getting Regular Oil Changes

Regardless of the type of oil change that your vehicle needs, the recommended maintenance guidelines need to be followed. Without regular oil changes, the oil can be contaminated with impurities. This lessens its ability to protect and lubricate.  It will also lower fuel efficiency. If it is not replaced, the engine can be severely damaged.

Mopar Oil Changes near Glendale, WI

The team at John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram will get your Mopar oil change handled quickly. We will recommend the type of oil and oil filter for that vehicle.  We even offer Express Lane Service that doesn't require an appointment. This gets in and back on the road. You can wait in the comfortable waiting room enjoying a coffee and a snack while the oil change is completed. We appreciate that you live a busy life so we work hard to make vehicle maintenance as easy as possible. 

If you care about your vehicle, you need to get it the regular maintenance it needs. This includes regular oil changes. At John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Milwaukee, WI, we want your vehicle to last as long as possible. Regular maintenance will keep it running well for a long time.

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