New Brake Pads

Failure to get your brakes replaced is a costly mistake, you cannot afford to make. Your brakes are responsible for stopping your vehicle at traffic lights and for slowing your vehicle down on slippery roads. If your brake pads are too thin to apply the right amount of fiction to the drums, you will lose control of your vehicle. The best way to make sure you are safe, and to avoid having an accident is to get your brakes inspected as often as needed. Your brakes will let you know when they need replacing, but you need to pay attention to the signs.

Replacing Your Brake Pads

For example, brakes that squeal and squeak when you press them are telling you that something is wrong. When you can no longer stop your vehicle after applying ample pressure to the brakes, that is another clue, that your brake pads are worn out. To maintain your safety and the safety of others, we recommend you bring your vehicle to John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for a brake replacement service as soon as possible. We offer a variety of onsite amenities while you wait.

Brake Pad Replacement Service in Milwaukee, WI

Good brake pads are essential for safety reasons. However, replacing damaged and worn out brakes can extend the life of your drums and rotors. Frequent stopping puts pressure on the brake pads and causes them to wear thin over time. It is not usual for an owner to replace their brakes several times throughout the years. Each time the brakes are pressed, they make contact with the metal disc, which in turn brings the vehicle to a halt. However, each time the brake pads make contact, the thinner the pads become, and the more at risk you are. At John Amato Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we take the safety of our customers seriously. Although we serve all customers, we particularly serve customers in and around Glendale, Lincoln Park, and Thurston Woods, WI.

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Our services include shuttle service, an unauthorized state inspection point, rental car services, free WiFi and more. We understand, that you can go any place and get your brakes replaced, but why not come to a dealership that has your best interest at heart. We are big on hospitality and bigger on safety.

If your brakes are giving your problems, or if you need your to have your braking system inspected by a certified dealership, give our service department a call. You can talk to a qualified technician at 414-410-3535 or visit us at 5900 N Green Bay Ave, Milwaukee, Wi.

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