Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

Cabin Air Filter Exchange

Amongst more popular car services like tire rotations and oil changes, it's easy to forget about the little guys that make a big difference. Your cabin air filter is one of those little guys that have the important job of filtering out allergens, debris, and other contaminants from getting inside your vehicle when you're out on the road. At John Amato Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, our team of certified professionals provide a fast and easy cabin air filter replacement service to help make every drive as enjoyable as possible.


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Signs you need your cabin air filter replaced

  • Noticeably poor airflow when using the climate control system
  • Unusual interior odor coming from the vents
  • Less air coming from vents

Can this effect overall health of your vehicle?

  • Places additional, unnecessary strain on AC motor blower
  • Additional strain can affect vehicle engine

How often should you have this replaced?

The lifespan of your cabin air filter can vary greatly depending on the driver and the environment the car is mostly driven through. Those in dusty areas or who spend a lot of time in traffic will likely need to replace theirs sooner than someone who doesn't.

Every part of your car works together in unison. When one area isn't performing as well as it should, other areas compensate. This places a strain on the other part and can even lead to premature failure and unnecessary expenses.

Any time any part of your vehicle is dirty, overused or goes unserviced for longer than it is supposed to, it can put multiple parts of the vehicle at risk.

Professional Service Guaranteed

At John Amato Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram, all of our technicians are professionally trained to work on your vehicles. This means we only use genuine OEM parts and fluids when doing repairs and routine maintenance. The benefits? Long-lasting, quality service backed by a warranty. Drivers all around the Milwaukee, Glendale, Lincoln Park, and Thurston Woods, WI prefer John Amato with their flexible hours made to fit their schedules. Call us today or book online for fast and easy service!


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